CWC Electric delivers outstanding electrical contracting services for both commercial and residential clients, proudly serving the entire Northeast Kansas region.

Whatever the job big or small, the team at CWC Electric can help you out.

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CWC Electric provides expert advice on all types of electrical and lighting work. Please give us a brief description of the work you are inquiring about and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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CWC Electric does it all! From large commercial electrical projects to minor residential service calls.

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CWC Electric delivers outstanding electrical contracting services for both commercial and residential clients. We serve Topeka, Lawrence and the surrounding counties.

Whatever your job, big or small, designing, installing or maintaining, the team at CWC Electric can help you out.


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Committed to Safeguarding Your Family, Home, and Business

What Sets Us Apart

At CWC Electric, our core values are family, quality, dependability, trustworthiness and knowledge.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, fully licensed and insured electrical contractors, with multiple master and journeyman electricians on staff. Our electricians are rigorously trained and adhere to the highest standards set by the National Electrical Code.

Our commitment to maintaining a highly skilled and professional team directly aligns with our most cherished value: family. We understand the paramount importance of safety in your home and business. That’s why we only send qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing you with top-quality, experienced service. Your family’s safety is our top priority.

Keeping cool while doing some parking lot light fixture maintenance - from complete LED parking lot upgrades to maintaining your existing fixtures CWC Electric LLC can meet your needs
The crew is in full force at SCCA doing an LED upgrade to the interior of the building. Call CWC for any commercial lighting needs!

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As a long-time business in Topeka, our clients often ask us for recommendations to the other trades or local businesses. We are not affiliated legally or financially with any of the businesses listed below. We are not compensated in any way when we recommend another local company. Our recommendations come from working along side these companies for years and coming to know the customer service and consistent work product they produce. These are not the only great companies in Topeka but they are companies which we frequently work side-by-side and would readily recommend to our friends and families.

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