Chandelier Installation

CWC Electric, LLC was excited to partner with Long Lighting Studio located at 2111 SW Belle Avenue, Topeka, KS in the installation of a a new chandelier in the LeCompton Community Center. The Quorum International Champagne Crystal chandelier included over 100 pieces of crystal “dressing” and is a beautiful addition to such a historic building.

The LeCompton Community Center is a unique limestone structure constructed in 1906 by members of the Lecompton United Brethern Church, know as the “Radicals” since members opposed removing a ban against membership in secret societies. The “Radicals” defected from the United Brethern Church in 1899 and later disbanded in the 1920’s.

The defunct church was purchased by the city of Lecompton in 1932 after their offices were destroyed in a fire. Today, the building has been re-purposed into a City Community Center.

Lecompton is a very interesting and historic Kansas town founded in 1854 on the bluffs of the Kansas river (where you can often site bald eagles). It is definitely worth a day trip to see the famous Territorial Capital Museum, Constitution Hall and other historic sites to hear fascinating stories of the early days of the territory of Kansas and its role in pre-civil war America.

While you are visiting Lecompton, stop by the community center and admire the chandelier recently installed by CWC Electric, LLC and purchased from Long Lighting in Topeka, Kansas.


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