Architectural Lighting in Topeka

Our friends, Matt & Sara Vincent, purchased a historic, depression era estate in the middle of the pandemic. It was a gutsy move on their part, a decision that took courage when the world seemed to be falling in pieces.

The house is located in the heart of the city. It is the type of home you can’t help but notice as you drive past. You might even drive a little out of your way just to dream a little and wonder who has lived there and what famous guests attended long ago dinner parties.

It is about as close to Downton Abbey as Topeka gets, complete with under-the-table servant buzzers you tapped with a toe, a pool reminiscent of the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle and servant quarters tucked into the eaves of the house. Matt, Sara and their five daughters are documenting the journey restoring their castle-like home on a blog titled ourmodernmanor.com. It’s a fascinating look at life in the dirty-thirties meets life in the virus-plenty twenties. I encourage you to follow the blog and take a front row seat, viewing the house as it transforms, while retaining its charms.

CWC Electric, LLC has been privileged to work on such an iconic home. The above video is customer provided architectural lighting which we installed. Please find additional images located in the gallery below.


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