CWC Electric, LLC Restores 88 Year Old Light Fixture

A Topeka, Kansas, customer recently requested CWC Electric, LLC, to restore her 88-year old outside light fixture. It was a one of a kind fixture which was impossible to replace. The heavy brass and glass coach light fixture, which was original to her home and part of a matched set, had not been working for some time.

Pictured above is Chuck Hogan, owner of CWC Electric, LLC, troubleshooting the non-functioning light in the CWC shop. Chuck found the fixture had been repaired at least twice before in it’s life. The fixture was so rusty it took several weeks of using penetrating oil before the fixture could be disassembled. Others had attempted to repair the fixture and determined it was unfix-able.

At one point, someone had “notched” a hole in the arm of the fixture and then filled the hole with wood putty. Once the wire failed for the third time, it was impossible to thread a new wire into the fixture to repair it. Chuck had to remove the wood putty patch, then used a vacuum to pull a string through the fixtures’ arm. Once the string was in place, he attached it to the electrical wire and was able to slowly pull the wire through the fixture. Once the wire was replaced, the fixture was reassembled and the notched hole refilled.

The fixture was tested and then re-installed at the customers classic home.

Have you been told something is impossible or unfix-able? Don’t give up until the experts at CWC Electric, LLC have looked at your project.

It can’t be done, until CWC Electric, LLC, says it can’t be done!

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