Generator Installation by CWC Electric, LLC

At CWC Electric, LLC we install and service a lot of automatic standby generators. This Generac 11KW Automatic Standby generator and a transfer panel was installed in the fall of 2015.

Should the homeowner experience a power outage, this generator will automatically start, restoring power to the home even if the homeowner is not present. This particular generator is not powerful enough to provide power to the entire house in the event of a power outage. As a result, the homeowner selected certain essential circuits within the panel such as the furnace, sump pump, refrigerator, security system and selected outlets and lights to power.

A monster storm such as the one which hit the east coast this week is always a possiblity. Protect your family and your home by installing a standby generator. Peace of mind is priceless and the cost of a generators are now within the reach of most homeowners. Call us today at 785-215-8775 for a personal personal estimate on generator installation.

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