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Installation of Electric Car Charging Stations in Topeka & Lawrence

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, you may want to have an assessment of your home’s electrical system prior to buying your vehicle to determine if your home’s current power capacity can support the energy required for a charging station.

Homes built in the past 10-15 years are usually equipped with larger electrical panels than homes built prior to the 1990’s. A 240-volt charging station will require a 30 or 40 amp circuit.

Even if there is no space available in your electrical panel for an additional circuit, your panel still may be capable of handling the increased power needed.  We may be able to install a sub panel or tandem circuit breakers to make room for the charging station circuit rather than upgrading your entire electrical panel. If your home is unable to handle the increased power needed, a service upgrade will be needed. CWC Electric, LLC provides free electrical assessments and estimates on installing electric chargers. Federal Tax credits may assist in offsetting some costs associated with installing your electrical charging station.

  • All electric vehicles require a 230-volt dedicated circuit and a car charge controller with a SAE J1772 connector (the Society of Automotive Engineers standard for charging connectors) to obtain the fastest charging time (they can also use a standard 120 volt outlet, it just takes much longer to charge). A simple wall-mounted charger is sufficient for most homes.
  • The cost to purchase and install a charging station varies depending on the layout of your home’s electrical circuits, code requirements, whether a service upgrade is needed, the style of charger you chose and local code requirements. The average cost for a basic installation (without a service upgrade) is typically around $1200.00.
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