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CWC Electric, LLC is known for bathroom remodel lighting installation. One item that has become extremely popular are lighted LED mirrors.

Don’t you hate when you look fabulous in your bathroom mirror, then step outside and see your make-up color is either too light or too dark?

Eliminate that problem with an LED lighted mirror! A cool light temperature such as provided by these mirrors is what is used by most makeup artists to ensure a natural, flattering look.

LED Lighted mirrors provide the perfect lighting for applying make-up and doing your hair as it shows your true colors. These mirrors have a great CRI (Color Rendering Index) which is a fancy way of saying they provide great contrast between colors, making them excellent for women to apply make-up or men to get a close shave. These high quality silver backed glass mirrors provide a clear, crisp and flawless reflection.

Since these LED lighted mirrors provide true to life lighting, the reflection is often called more flattering since there are no shadows on your face. One person even commented in an Amazon online review it felt like it had “dropped 10 years off her face”.

The mirrors we use have a 50,000 hour LED burn life which means if you use use the mirror 3 hours a day it will last 45 years! The mirrors we use and recommend cost around 1/2 cent an hour to burn.

See for a slideshow of some recently installed mirrors:

On top of the great lighting LED lighted mirrors provide, they are also stylish, providing a sleek sophistication to any bathroom. They are more than a mirror, they are functional art pieces that add a touch of refined luxury to your home. These mirrors will draw attention and tons of compliments from every guest.

There are many features depending on the model you choose. Some models provide a built in defogger (heating coil behind the mirror) to keep the mirror effortlessly free of condensation. Other models offer the option to be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Some models have a touch switch, others are designed to come on with the ceiling light switch. Some models offer dimmers. LED lighted mirrors also come in a variety of sizes. Before picking a mirror, take some time to decide which features are most important to you.

It is recommended this product be installed by a licensed and insured electrician. These mirrors are extremely heavy and are wall-mounted. Depending on the size of the mirror, it may take 2-3 people to mount the mirror.

While these mirrors are a little pricey, they should last a very long time, are inexpensive to operate and give your home a real “Wow” factor!

If you are considering installing an LED Lighted mirror, please contact CWC Electric, LLC at 785-215-8775. We would be happy to assist you in choosing a mirror that will best fit your needs and budget.

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