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Your Needs, Our Expertise

Whether it’s a large-scale project or a smaller endeavor, we deliver personal and professional care tailored to minimize downtime. Our team includes multiple master electricians who swiftly and accurately assess your electrical requirements. Our specialty lies in problem-solving and value engineering to optimize your business’s budget.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Specialists

We are experts in energy-efficient lighting systems, including LED and Induction technologies. We understand that each commercial space has distinct lighting demands, and we have the expertise to meet them.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services Include:

Commercial LED Retrofits

Commercial Tenant Finishes

Troubleshooting & Diagnosis of Electrical Problems

Installation & Repair of Security Lighting

Alterations, Expansions & Upgrades to Electrical Systems

Commercial Lighting Systems

Service and Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Value and Quality Guaranteed

CWC Electric is dedicated to delivering value and quality through effective project management, open communication, and highly qualified personnel.

Why Commercial Lighting Matters:

Every commercial space has unique lighting needs, from restaurants and box stores to offices, factories, and warehouses. Commercial lighting is vital for various reasons:


Adequate lighting enhances safety, discouraging crime and preventing personal injuries.


The right lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the shopping or working experience.


Adequate lighting makes employees and customers feel secure when entering or exiting your business.


Well-lit buildings and signage draw attention, indicating that your business is open.


Specialty lighting can draw attention to specific areas or products, promoting or highlighting them.


Adequate lighting can boost employee productivity, creating a conducive work environment.

At CWC Electric, we bring decades of knowledge and experience to meet the diverse needs of our commercial clients. Our commitment to providing efficient, high-quality electrical solutions sets us apart.

Upgrade to LED Technology

Consider updating your lighting to LED technology. LED lighting is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective, using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than older incandescent, fluorescent or HID fixtures. LEDs emit minimal heat, reducing energy usage and enhancing safety. They offer a natural, uniform color ideal for product displays or office productivity.

Smart Business Move

LEDs are ideal for various commercial applications, including parking lot lighting, outdoor lighting, signage lighting, task lighting, and recessed lighting. Making the switch to LED is a smart business move, offering environmental and financial benefits.

Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting:

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