What are the best, most comfortable & durable Cut-Less Safety Work Gloves?

Being in the electrical business for over 25 years, we have gone through a lot of work gloves. Until recently, that is.

One of our company policies is that all employees wear Majestic, Cut-Less safety work gloves when working. We place a high priority on safety and these gloves are the most durable, comfortable and cool we have found. These gloves are lightweight and skintight so you feel small screws and objects and not drop them. Our electricians love the dexterity of these gloves.  They virtually mold to your hand giving you a secure fit yet are very flexible for being manufactured from such a tough material.


The gloves are made with Dyneema, one of the world’s strongest fibers and have a cut resistance that is equivalent to Kevlar.  We have read this trademarked fiber is 15x more resistant to abrasion than steel, making them extremely puncture and tear resistant. This fiber is also used as composite plates in personal armor, tow ropes, parachutes and high performance sails. I think you get the idea…it has a high tensile strength meaning it is hard to tear.

These gloves also have a tight, long knit cuff for a secure fit and preventing any debris from getting inside the glove. During cold weather, if you are wearing a cuffed coat, it will make a nice seal and keep you warmer.

We have been using these gloves for several years and they are far and away the best gloves we have found. Our electricians hands used to have constant abrasions from cuts from working inside meter cans and panels and the Majestic Cut-less gloves have all but eliminated these type of abrasions.

If they weren’t so comfortable and our electricians didn’t have the ability to do “fine” work, it would be difficult to make them wear them. Now, they complain when we inadvertently run low though we have found a pair of these gloves will last for months and we even wash them repeatedly. They are very resistant to wear and don’t tear up like other gloves we have used in the past so we don’t go through them as quickly.

Since we are constantly working on white ceilings, it is nice to be able to see when they are dirty. Black gloves hide the dirt and grime and if you aren’t careful you can inadvertently leave smudges on a customer’s ceiling. The white or high-vis version of these gloves make it easy to tell when it is time for a wash.

One of our electricians even mentioned a time he he was saved by his Majestic Cut-less safety gloves when he accidentally ran a knife cutter down his hand. The sharp blade did not penetrate the gloves, saving him the pain and our company an expensive emergency room visit.

​The gloves come 12 to a package and cost between $16-$17 per glove which is a bargain when you consider how long they last and the accidents they prevent. The only complaint we have had is that you cannot use a touch screen with them on. So if you see one of our electricians answering his phone with his nose, you will know why!

We use Amazon to purchase many of our electrical products and equipment and have an amazon Prime membership which costs our company a fixed fee per year and then allows many “Prime” eligible products to be shipped free. It has been a wonderful program for the company.

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