What to do when a storm pulls your electrical mast off your home or building?

Kansas is known for being a little stormy. The picture below is an example of high winds tearing off a home’s mast during a strong thunderstorm. Generally, a tree limb falls on a power line which subsequently pulls the mast from the building. Limbs may break and fall on electrical lines due to either wind conditions or ice build-up.

Should you experience storm damage to your electrical system, do not touch or go near downed power lines. With downed power lines, use caution and notify your local utility company and call a licensed and insured electrician for assistance. In most areas, the lines in the air are the responsibility of the utility company and any components attached to a building are the responsibility of the homeowner.

When you need an electrician to repair electrical storm damage, call CWC Electric, LLC at 785-215-8875.


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